Town Council Meeting Agenda 14 June 2021

8th June 2021


Town Council Meeting Agenda

Time: 19:15
Day: 14 June 2021
Venue: Queens Hall, Chipping Hill, Halstead, CO9 2BY.
Tel: 01787476480

As the Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020, no longer apply, the Council is no longer able to conduct meetings remotely, and this meeting will be held in person at Queens Hall.

Members of the public and press who would like to attend this meeting are asked to book their place with the Town Clerk, by email to by 12.00 on 14 June 2021.   The number of places in the hall is limited due to social distancing required by Covid 19. These places will be awarded in order of application. Those wishing to ask a question or make a statement should be able to read their statement/question within 3 minutes. All those attending are required to wear a mask and to socially distance. Questions may also be submitted to by 12.00 on 14 June 2021.

Members of the Council are summonsed to attend the above Meeting to transact the following business


Councillor Mick Radley – Chairman
Councillor Dave Gronland – Vice Chairman
Councillor Miss Janet Atkinson
Councillor Peter Caulfield
Councillor Peter Claydon
Councillor Mrs Sandra Dingle
Councillor Malcolm Fincken
Councillor David Hume
Councillor Andy Munday
Councillor Mrs Jackie Pell
Councillor Miss Linda Smith
Councillor Garry Warren

Members of the Council are requested to attend the above Meeting to transact the following business: –

1.  Apologies for Absence and approval of apologies

2.  Declarations of Interests.
To declare any “pecuniary, non-pecuniary or other pecuniary’’ interests relating to items on the agenda having regard to the Code of Conduct for Members and having taken appropriate advice (where necessary) before the meeting 

3.  Public Question Time

A maximum period of 10 minutes to allow written questions and statements to be read out and for statements from Councillors with ‘pecuniary, non-pecuniary or other pecuniary’ interests under the code of conduct for Members to make statements.

4.  Minutes

To approve the minutes of the Council meeting held on 17 May 2021.

To note the Minutes of the Staff Advisory Committee meeting held on 12 May 2021, and of the Staff Advisory Committee meeting of 1 June 2021. – minutes of 1/6/21 to follow

5.  Planning Applications.   All members of the council discuss planning applications.  Lead member for Planning – Councillor D Hume, Deputy lead – Councillor Pell. Planning report attached here

The following Planning Applications, which were received and circulated electronically, are to be considered at the Council meeting.

21/01390/FUL – 43 Winston Way, Halstead, CO9 2TH – Retrospective application for the proposed conversion of an existing three bedroom semi-detached dwelling house into 2 No. two bedroom maisonettes.

21/01407/HH – North Hill, Howe Chase, Hedingham Road, Halstead, Essex – Proposed side extension.

21/01432/HH – North Hill, Howe Chase, Hedingham Road, Halstead, Essex – Roof Extension

21/01423/HH – 1 Warren Road, Halstead, Essex – Construction of ground floor front extension, infilling of garage door openings / replacement of flat roof to facilitate conversion of existing garages and provision of decorative boarding to front elevation of existing dwelling.

20/01493/OUT (Revised)  –  Land at Mount Hill, Halstead, Essex – Outline application with all matters reserved except access for up to 130 dwellings with new landscaping, open space, access and associated infrastructure.

21/01482/HH – 10 Gardeners Road, Halstead, Essex – Erection of single storey rear infill extension and first floor extension over existing ground floor extension.

21/01516/HH – 144 Tidings Hill, Halstead, Essex – Construction of a porch with WC to the side of the house.

21/01591/VAR – 83 Chapel Hill, Halstead, Essex – Variation of Condition 2 (Approved Drawings) of permission 20/01483/FUL granted.  05/03/2021 –  Erection of 5no. dwellings with associated parking and garaging and alterations to previously approved and part implemented scheme for the erection of a replacement dwelling. 

21/01479/FUL – Land West of, Rosemary Lane, Halstead – Erection of 2no. buildings comprising 7no. commercial units (B2) with associated access road, paths, bin stores and electrical substation. 

5a)  For information – Planning policy – Planning Policy report attached here

6.  Mayor’s Appointments and Announcements – Mayors report attached here

7.  Finance – Member for Finance Cllr. P Claydon

All members of the Council are members of the Finance section

a) 2020/21 Financial accounts and current assets – Financial Accounts report attached here

b) To approve the Internal auditor’s report – Internal Auditors report attached here

c) To approve the annual governance statement – Annual Governance report attached here

d) To approve the Accounting statements for audit – Accounting Statement attached here

e) To approve the List of payments – List of Payments report attached here

f) To approve the Bank Reconciliation – Bank Reconciliation report 7f attached here and reconciliation report 7f(a) attached here

g) To approve transfer of funds between current accounts – Transfer of Funds report attached here

h) To approve ticket prices for trips in 2021 – Ticket Price report attached here

i) Income and expenditure for May 2021 – Income and Expenditure report attached here

8.  Community Centre verbal update

9.  To receive reports from District Councillors – verbal/written reports

10.  To receive reports from Champions’ – verbal/written reports –

a. Doctors Surgery – Cllr. Gronland and Radley

b. Schools – Cllrs. Hume and Caulfield

c. Police – Cllrs. Warren and Claydon

d. Open spaces – Cllrs. Atkinson and Fincken

e. Tourism – Cllrs. Smith and Pell

11.  To receive a report from the Riverside footbridge working group – report to follow

12.  To approve adjustments to the wording of the terms of reference for other parts of the Scheme of Delegation – Scheme of Delegation report attached here

13.  To approve an update to Member & Officer protocol – Member & Officer Protocol report attached here

14.  To approve the holding of Christmas parties in 2021 – Christmas Party report attached here

15.  Exclusion of Public and Press.

To give consideration to adopting the following resolution: – “That in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted and pursuant to the provisions of section 1(2)-of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, as amended, the public and the press be temporarily excluded from the meeting”.

Private session

16.  To receive a report from SAC 

S Greatorex – Town Clerk

7 May 2021