Message from Mayor of Halstead

Date Posted: 12th November 2020

Messages from the Mayor and Chairman

Remembrance Sunday

Picture of Mayor of Halstead laying a wreath

Mayor of Halstead, Councillor Mick Radley

“I was very pleased to take part in the Royal British Legion Remembrance event in the Public Gardens on Sunday. It was an honour to lay a wreath in memory of those who sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today. Although the attendance was reduced due to the Covid-19 restrictions it was important to continue to pay our respects in the normal way. At the same time Cllr. Gronland, Vice Chairman of the council, laid a wreath at the war memorial at St Andrews church.”

Christmas Lights

“ We are really pleased to say that the Christmas lights will going up in the town this year as normal. This will bring a welcome cheer and brighten up the town in the run up to Christmas. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions the switch on will unfortunately be a closed event, however, it is planned to make a film clip as part of a BDC virtual Christmas video for the Braintree District which will be published online.” 

Speed watch Scheme

“Recent speed surveys conducted in the town by the police have prompted interest in re-establishing a community speed watch scheme. We are pleased to confirm that there has already been initial interest by some residents in being part of and helping to run a scheme.

The town council were very pleased last night to acknowledge this interest and pledge their support for such a scheme. Training can be provided through the Essex Fire service for any volunteers wishing to join. Council agreed to put forward the funding required for some equipment and ancillary items for consideration in the budget for next year.

If there are any residents interested in joining the scheme, please put your name forward to the Town Clerk.”

Housing Growth

“Councillors are becoming increasingly concerned about the rate of housing growth in Halstead and it’s impact upon the infrastructure of the town. In particular the impact upon school places, doctors surgery capacity and congestion in the road networks in and around the town.

The council will continue to review each planning application on its merit but in doing so be mindful of the impact it will have on the overall infrastructure of the town and make comments to the Braintree District Council planning authority as appropriate.

At a recent meeting the council decided to look into the cost and feasibility of producing a Neighbourhood Plan as a means of communicating and influencing planning in the future.”


“The town council has received several concerns from residents about on-street parking in and around the town. These range from inconsiderate parking, parking in front of driveways, parking on pavements and verges and the need for more parking restrictions in certain areas.

The council has no direct powers to make changes, implement solutions or apply enforcement. However, we can work with other authorities, agencies, the police and residents to help find solutions where possible.

Some members of the council have recently had a meeting with the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) who manage on street parking in the town. This has helped to clarify the way in which such matters are managed and some of the constraints and processes they follow.

Council agreed to help residents who have concerns by advising of the route to follow and signposting them to the appropriate authority.”

Cllr. Mick Radley

Mayor and Chairman of the Council