Halstead Town Council Community Volunteers

Date Posted: 15th July 2020

At the time of lockdown, a large number of residents of Halstead found themselves frightened, isolated and helpless in their homes. Being considered vulnerable for various health reasons or because of their age, they were unable to go out to look after their own daily needs, mainly the collection of medication or essential shopping.

An appeal was made to able-bodied people who might be able to help them. Practically overnight, a body of around 40 volunteers was formed, who have been looking after, befriending and protecting the vulnerable residents all through lockdown.

Halstead Town Council has decided to recognise that there is a continuing need for help for the vulnerable which is not provided by any other body locally, and is making the Halstead Town Council Community volunteers a permanent group to help the elderly, sick or disabled in Halstead.

If you are in need of help, or would like to volunteer, please contact the Town Clerk on or 07808 547290