Halstead Rotary’s Crowd Funding for Halstead Day Centre

Date Posted: 15th December 2020

On Tuesday 1st December Halstead Rotary Club launched a Crowd Funding campaign to raise a target of £4000 to support the Halsted Day Centre.

The campaign will run for the month of December. Due to restrictions around Covid19 and social distancing it will primarily be centered around social media telephone and email campaigns.

The campaign is being run online through GlobalGiving and people can donate via

To give you a little bit more information, the Halstead Day Centre is a registered charity which provide some respite for people over 60 who live on their own and feel isolated. It covers Halstead and surrounding villages.

Because of the Covid crisis the Centre have had to restrict the number of people who can attend at any one time yet they still have the same overheads and expenses. It is an essential community resource and it is vital to help them raise funds to keep the centre running.

For some people visits to the centre are the only opportunity they get to see and talk to other people

Ken, who has been visiting the centre for over 10 years said, “It’s all the company I get, I don’t see anyone at home”