Full Council Meeting Minutes 5th September 2013

1st October 2013



5th September 2013
Held at
Mill House, The Causeway





Councillor D Hume Chairman  


Councillor Mrs J A Pell  Vice Chairman Present

Councillor Mrs J Allen
Councillor Mrs B Carr

Councillor Mrs H W Catley






Councillor Mrs S A Diver   Apologies
Councillor M J Fincken      Pesent
Councillor Mrs L J Hilton   Present
Councillor S Kirby   Present
Councillor Mrs K A Little   Present
Councillor A Munday Present
Councillor K Paisley   Absent


Also in attendance:

                                                Mr P Smith – Presentation

Mr M C Murkin – Town Clerk

            Mrs A Cartwright – Minute Clerk
                        PCSO Edwards

            One member of the public


There were apologies for absence from Cllr Mrs J. Allen, Cllr Mrs H Catley and Cllr Mrs S Diver.


Cllr Mrs J Pell declared non-pecuniary interest in Agenda item nos. 9 and 11 as she is Chairman of the Halstead Community Centre Trust.

Cllr Mrs J Pell declared non-pecuniary interest in Agenda item 6 (13/01023PLD Halstead Lodge) as she is on the committee for the League of Friends of Halstead Hospital.

Cllr S Kirby declared non-pecuniary interest in Agenda item no. 6 as member of BDC Planning Committee.

Cllrs Fincken and Mrs Pell declared non-pecuniary interest in Agenda item 15 as they are Braintree District Councillors.

Cllrs Hilton, Hume and Mrs Pell declared a non-pecuniary interest in Agenda item 13 as they are members of the Courtaulds Sports Ground Management Committee.


There were no questions or statements.


  1. a)     Police. Statistics for July and August:

July – 3 burglary dwellings, burglary others 4

Criminal damage 6, theft from motor vehicles 7

Nuisance youth 3 reported

August burglary 3, burglary 13 others

Criminal damage 3, theft from motor vehicles 3

Nuisance youth 1

There are still small problems on Friday nights in the town centre.

Community speed watch ­– all groups co-ordinated to be out at the same time so motorists travelling through surrounding villages, eg Ridgewell, Yeldham, Sible could be identified many times, they will get a home visit from the traffic police. Also motorcycle traffic police will be out, one in morning, one in afternoon, but PCSO Edwards will not give dates. The aim of the exercise is to educate drivers,

Twelve groups/parishes taking part. The Group is getting stronger.

Cllr Mrs Carr relayed that an elderly couple had reported to her that they had been approached by woman in the park asking for money on a number of occasions. PCSO Edwards asked to speak to Cllr Mrs Carr in private for more details. General advice to the public is to report such matters to the police.

  1. b)   Mr P Smith, Head of Economic Development and Regeneration

Braintree DC

Mr. Smith introduced himself, giving a brief history and thanked Councillors for the invitation to attend.  Copies of the draft Braintree District Economic Development Prospectus 2013/2026 were distributed and Mr. Smith proceeded to talk through the three priorities of 1. Infrastructure; 2. Business and Employment Support; 3. Town Centre and Rural Regeneration.

Mr. Smith stressed the Prospectus was a short statement of intent so, if approved, he would expect the added detail to include more local improvements.

Mr. Smith assured Councillors that their detailed input would be welcomed.
It was noted that a bypass was still a priority for Halstead Town Council.

In relation to the 2nd priority of business employment support, Councillors were unanimous in the view that needs of the people of Halstead were being ignored in particular the unemployed now that Job Centre Plus had stopped their weekly visits to the town. Mr. Smith said the Councillors’ comments would be fed into the scrutiny of Job Centre Plus underway at the moment.

In relation to the 3rd Priority, Mr. Smith suggested his colleague Alison Jennings be invited to attend Full Council to give an update on the current situation.

In summation Mr. Smith assured Councillors that he would take back all their comments on the infrastructure proposals and confirmed Halstead Town Council would definitely be consulted before proposals were agreed by Braintree District Council.

Mr. Smith was asked how actively his colleagues were promoting the development of the site to the East of the High Street. He said he would get his planning colleagues to give feedback.

Cllr Hume thanked Mr. Smith, emphasising that the main message to take back was to please keep Halstead Town Council informed and involved. Mr. Smith left the meeting at 8.20pm.

295. MINUTES. To approve the minutes of the Council meeting held on 8th August 2013 Minutes were unanimously approved


Cllr S Kirby left the meeting

Cllr A Munday took the chair for this part of the meeting

13/01023PLD Halstead Lodge, Hedingham Road, Halstead CO9 2DN – Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for a proposed use – Proposed use as a private residential drug and rehabilitation unit.
Members raised no objections but noted they would expect the unit to be compatible with the facilities provided by the hospital.

Cllrs Mrs Hilton and Mrs Little abstained.

13/00936/FUL. 81 Parsonage Street, Halstead, CO9 2JT – Erection of front lounge extension and porch. Members raised no objections.

13/00588/FUL (New Plans and D&A) – Mellons DiY and Wallcovering Centre, 61 Kings Road, Halstead, CO9 1HA – Partial demolition of existing retail facility and associated building remodelling to form refurbished premises for Brands Direct Barbados Ltd (Class D1). Proposed erection of three no. two bedroom cottages associated landscaping and parking. Members agreed it was an overdevelopment of site with lack of car parking for offices and business, lack of concern for increased traffic on Kings Road and not in keeping with surrounding properties in Kings Road.

13/01009/FUL – 9 First Avenue, Bluebridge Industrial Estate, Halstead, CO9 2EX – Erection of temporary storage building. Members raised no objections.

Cllr S Kirby returned to the meeting

Cllr D Hume resumed Chair of the meeting 


The report was noted.


A) Financial Monitoring

Report was noted
B)   Monthly Performance (Car Parks).

Report was noted

C) Monthly Performance (Lettings/Sickness).

Report was noted


Payments were unanimously approved.


Clerk explained that these walks, originally set up to promote health, were previously sponsored by Braintree DC and latterly by BDVSA but this funding was now to end. Enquiries were made and it was ascertained that the cost of the walks was too great for BDVSA to continue with funding. Only one of the regular walks is based in Halstead with others being centred on 9 other locations. Clerk has ascertained costs which would mainly be for first aid training and other training.

Members unanimously approved. Cllr Mrs Pell proposed, Cllr Kirby seconded.


Report was noted.

302. YOUTH.

Cllr Mrs Hilton reported there will be a meeting 19th September to elect a new Youth Council.

Report was noted 


Clerk has received a draft standard contract from Agents for the mast – current ground rent has been paid up until December 2013.

Report was noted. Members agreed to take legal advice. Proposed Cllr Mrs Pell, seconded Cllr Kirby.


Clerk reported that a Condition Survey from Oswick Ltd. further to the Drainage Works Survey previously brought to Council had been received and circulated to Councillors.
Clerk to continue to investigate further information on costs for new build, possibly in different location.

Title of all properties owned by HTC should be confirmed and registered.


Members agreed to resurrect the cross party ‘electoral group’ from previous consultation, led by Cllr Fincken. Group to respond to the proposals and will meet next week. 


Agenda item 16a Task & Finish Group:

Item 3 – Recommendation that the trial ‘Free after 3’ be continued for a further six months to 31st March 2014. Unanimously agreed. Moved Cllr Mrs Pell, seconded Cllr Kirby.

Item 4 (a) Recommendation that Council waive charges in Butler Road and Chapel Street car park for Saturday 30th November for the Christmas event. Unanimously agreed. Moved Cllr Kirby, seconded Cllr Munday.

Item 4 (b) Recommendation that the Council waive charges in Butler Road and Chapel Street car park for Saturday 21st December 2013. Unanimously agreed. Moved Cllr Mrs Pell, seconded Cllr Mrs Hilton.

Item 5 Recommendation that Council car park fees should remain at their present level and not be changed in the budget setting process. Unanimously agreed.  


The report was noted. Councillors agreed to make representation that ‘Children under 16 should be free in school holiday proposed’.

309. Town Team
Cllr Mrs Hilton to report to Full council each month and the minutes of the meeting of the town team will be circulated to Town Councillors.

The Town Team is taking over the organisation of the Christmas Fair.   Karen Hasler would be heading it up.

There is a Public Meeting next Thurs 12th September 7.30pm at Queens Hall, to update local people and encourage involvement.

The Team have hired web site developer to move the web project along; Portas money will be used to fund that.

50 Market bags had been made/purchased. Mitch on market sold most of them for £1 each…

Smell the coffee mornings organised.

Cllr Siddall attends the town team meetings.

Cllr Hume thanked Cllr Mrs Hilton for her report.

308. Exclusion of Public and Press

To give consideration to adopting the following resolution: – “That pursuant to the provisions of section 1 (2) – of the Admission to Meetings Act 1960, in view of the next item to be conducted, the press and public to be excluded from the meeting.”

There were no other matters to discuss

Chairman closed the meeting at    9.25 p.m.