Full Council Agenda 16th October 2014

9th October 2014
Halstead Town Council



Time: 7.15p.m.
Day: Thursday
Date: 16th October 2014

Council Chambers, Town Council Offices, The Mill House, The Causeway


Tel/Fax: 01787 476480


Councillor D Hume – Chairman
Councillor Mrs J A Pell – Vice Chairman
Councillor Mrs J Allen

Councillor Mrs B Carr
Councillor Mrs H W Catley
Councillor Mrs S A Diver
Councillor M J Fincken
Councillor Mrs L J Hilton
Councillor S Kirby
Councillor Mrs K A Little
Councillor A Munday
Councillor K Paisley

Members of the Council are requested to attend the above Meeting to transact the following business: –

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interests. To declare any ‘pecuniary, non pecuniary or other pecuniary” interests relating to items on the agenda having regard to the Code of Conduct for Members and having taken appropriate advice (where necessary) before the meeting.

3. Public Question Time. A maximum period of 10 minutes to allow members of the public to ask questions or to make statements, and for Councillors with ‘pecuniary, non-pecuniary or other pecuniary’ interests under the code of conduct for Members to make statements.

4. Minutes. To approve the minutes of Council meeting held on 11th September 2014.

5. Presentation by Alison Jennings and Chris Siddall

6. Planning Applications. Dealt with by the Planning Committee. ALL MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL ARE MEMBERS OF THE PLANNING COMMITTEE. Chair of Planning – Councillor A Munday – report available

7. Mayors Appointments and Announcements report available

8. Finance Reports

a. Financial Monitoring – report available

b. Monthly Performance – report available

c. Monthly Performance (Lettings/sickness) – report available

9. List of Payments approved – report available

10. Home-Start Representative – report available

11. Community Hall – report available

12. Youth – report will be available at the meeting

13. Town Team – report will be available at the meeting

14. Queens Hall Chairs – report available

15. Replacement/New Equipment – report available

16. Lighting in Hedingham Road Car Park – report will be available at the meeting

17. Replacement Barrier Baskets at Mill House – report available

18. Allotment Rent– report available

19. Completion of the Audit for the year to 31st March 2014 – report available

20. Halstead Town Council Newsletter – verbal report to be given at the meeting

21. Exclusion of Public and Press.

To give consideration to adopting the following resolution: – “That pursuant to the provisions of section 1(2)-of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 as amended, in view of the next item to be conducted, the press and public to be excluded from the meeting”.

22. There are none


M C Murkin

Town Clerk