Halstead Town Council Opens Riverside Footbridge

Date Posted: 27th May 2021

Cllr Andy Munday opening the Riverside footbridge

Halstead Town Council Press Release – 27th May 2021

Riverside Footbridge

 “I’m really pleased to be able to announce that the Riverside Footbridge crossing the River Colne near the Chapel Street car park is now open for use by the public.

This bridge had been closed for a number of years due to structural concerns which has prevented use by residents. Halstead Town Council took the decision to purchase the bridge from the Crown Estates and set about the repair work. In doing this the council set up a working group under the chairmanship and leadership of Cllr. Andy Munday. Joining the working group was Cllr. Janet Atkinson, Cllr. Gary Warren and myself plus former councillor Eileen Penn and local resident Richard Woods from Riverside Court.

The team officially opened the bridge on Wednesday 26th May in a simple ceremony with Andy cutting the ribbon and declaring the bridge open. I would like to thank Andy and all of those involved with doing such a great job in delivering this very important improvement for the town and the benefit of residents and visitors who use the bridge.”

Cllr. Mick Radley

Mayor and Chairman of the Council

Additional comments from Cllr. Andy Munday

“As chairman of the working group I was faced with mixed views on the condition of the bridge so, with funding sought from Braintree District Council, engaged a structural engineer to make a thorough assessment and guide us through the repair process. This identified a number of tasks which we then worked through. I’m really grateful to two local businesses, Ad-Tek Products and Millbank Concrete Products, who gave their time and materials free of charge to repair and strengthen the parapet. I would also like to thank Halstead in Bloom who made a significant donation from the legacy of a local benefactor towards the cost of the welding and subsequent painting work. All of this has made it possible to progress with the repairs to the bridge without significant funding from Halstead Town Council.

The work done so far now allows the opening of the bridge and use by residents, however, there is one further stage of reinforcing the foundations of one side of the bridge which will be done when the conditions allow.

It’s great to see the bridge reopening after such a long time closed and hopefully residents can once again enjoy the convenience it brings.”