Annual Town Meeting Agenda 9 May 2022

4th May 2022


Annual Town Meeting Agenda

Time: 19:15
Day: 9 May 2022
Venue: Queens Hall, Chipping Hill, Halstead, CO9 2BY.
Tel: 01787476480


Councillor Mick Radley – Chairman
Councillor Dave Gronland – Vice Chairman
Councillor Miss Janet Atkinson
Councillor Peter Caulfield
Councillor Peter Claydon
Councillor Mrs Sandra Dingle
Councillor Malcolm Fincken
Councillor David Hume
Councillor Andy Munday
Councillor Mrs Jackie Pell
Councillor Miss Linda Smith
Councillor Garry Warren

Members of the Council are summonsed to attend the above Meeting to transact the following business: –

1.   Apologies for Absence and approval of absences

2.  To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 15 April 2019

3.  Halstead Town Council’s report. To receive the report from the Mayor.  Mayor’s report attached here

 The Town Clerk’s annual report.  Report attached here

4.  District Councillors’ Report. To receive a report from the District Councillors.   Councillor Radley’s report attached here

5.  County Councillor’s Report. To receive a report from the County Councillor.

6.  Grant Reports. Reports from those organisations which received grants in August 2021, to let the community know how that funding was used. Report attached here

7.  Public Question Time. To allow councillors to consider questions/statements submitted by the public

Sarah Greatorex   Town Clerk

3 May 2022